Feeling marginally better, feeling the itch to cook

I'm feeling slightly better today, and after a nasty take-out dinner last night, am feeling like I just must cook. Canning is fun but implicit in doing so is that you're going to wait to enjoy it. Think wine collecting vs wine drinking. ;) PS- Jack, who has just deigned to put on underpants, is now requesting his handcuffs. Hmm. Thank goodness he is just 5.

Anyway, I finished my book so now have one less distraction and have, thusly, decided that today is Fresh Ricotta ingredient-gathering day; possibly also ricotta-making day, but I want the cheese to be perfectly fresh for Sunday's pasta dinner so think I'll wait until tomorrow to actually make. Yesterday, food52 announced this week's finalists for the Best Corn OFF the Cob recipe, and one sounded just absolutely marvelous: Summer Corn Pudding, the ingredients and photo for which are more exciting than the name.