Feast was fantastic

Wow, did we have a marvelous time last night. Firstly, it is wonderful to see four kids having so much fun together; they truly love playing and were teary upon saying goodbye. Watching children care not about age in the least, simply enjoying all manner of pretend play, games and so forth is wonderful. It is also such a treat to get to have quality adult time in the midst of an active playdate, a rarity for sure. 8 people, 4 age 6 and under, is not always a recipe for calm, but last night it was relatively so, and we all had a special time. And then there was the food. Spiced, fried potato rounds (pakora) with mint and tamarind sauces, kebabs, rice, okra (bindi), spinach, chickpeas, chicken, potatoes, bread and Pakistani ice cream. Ooh, I ate my body weight in veggies, the kids tried most everything, T adored the kebab and ice cream (which was scented with cardamom)...I will definitely be making the okra and spinach dishes as soon as I'm lucky enough to get the recipes. Look at this spread: