Fava bean crostini a'comin, thank you, kid-speak

Thank you to everyone who has re-liked me. I feel much better now that it's not just T and me! For dinner tonight -though I am losing steam as the children are acting like spawn of Satan right now- I'm opening wine. No, I'm joking. I'm going to do that and make some fava bean crostini. Image it: blanched favas pureed with mint, pecorino, olive oil, salt, pepper...slathered atop grilled bread and then drizzled with more EVOO.

If you just said Oh My God and felt your stomach rumble, you are right. It is fab. I swear I had something else to make but am, at present, blanking. Maybe carrots with a currant-pine nut relish from the Mozza cookbook. It'll come to me...

The kids can be so dramatic, funny, ridiculous in what they say. I mean, it's a riot. At dinner tonight, Jack and Oliver were sitting across from each other while I finished up their eggs, sausages and toast. Oliver was really being a butt, I mean pesty to the max, and I told him to cut it out and leave Jack alone. About 5 minutes later, J turned to me and said, "you know, when O was being mean, I felt like you were the only one being nice to me." I said, "precious, only the three of us are here. I love you but honestly, it's not like a posse of bullies are sitting here right now." have mercy. Recently, I asked J if he would make an anniversary card for T's parents; he said "well, I really don't feel like it, but I'll take time out of my busy day to make one." Hah! And finally, a good pal and her daughter came over today to watch Oliver so that I could go to Meeting for Worship at J's school with him. Tonight Ol and I were talking about how nice Mrs. Kim is and he said, "yeah, I mean she's not like Haman." Hah again!