Farmers Market haul

We just had a hell of a gully-washer. Wow! As you might know, I love a good rainstorm, but I was out and about and fully soaked by the time  I got home. You could sense one was coming several hours ago; the skies at the farmers market looked like marbleized paper what with their swirls of blues and grays. Though we needed the rain, I was glad it held out until now because it was a pleasure to stroll around leisurely and dryly this morning. The colors were so rich, it seemed the produce had been plugged in and turned on. Just look at this mountain of beans, the glow of the plums, the shine of the tomatoes and oh, those zinnias!

Isn't that plum the most beautiful color? I wish I'd bought a bunch of those zinnias. They always remind me of my mom and are just so cheerful.