Farmers market haul

How fabulous does all this look? Italian plums, two kinds of peaches, nectarines, collard greens, radishes, exotic mushroom blend, purple basil, cherry tomatoes. I cannot wait for pizza night tonight and might just have to make my collard green cobbler sometime this week. That is a fabulous recipe which I will share with you soon. We also got some apple cider which is delish and really welcomes the coming of Fall. While at the market, the boys morphed into intense eating machines. Oliver had an entire whole wheat plum muffin, every taster he could find, apple cider and most of a beef empanada. Jack had half a scone, the aforementioned tasters and cider and half an empanada. They were so enthusiastic about said empanadas that the owner, presumably Chris as we were at Chris' Marketplace, took a photo of them eating and asked if he could post it on his facebook page. Sure thing. So if you see my boys there, let me know. I'll check too.

The Em-i-lis cake was just picked up -so exciting!