Farmers market, flowers and windstorm damage

On our way to the farmers market this morning, the boys and I were really struck by the amount of damage Friday's windstorm wreaked. Huge trees seemed to have been snapped as if they were mere twigs. A number of blocks are cordoned off with police tape, cars crushed, covered and otherwise damaged, wires flapping around like rogue spaghetti. But it's totally random as some houses and blocks are totally unscathed. As I'm always impressed by the beauty in nature that is nearly impossible for us to replicate, I'm equally respectful of the strength of the natural world, its powers of destruction and rebirth.

"Community Services Van Covered by Felled Tree"

"For Sale" We did bring home some gorgeous stuff from the market: two types of plums (Methleys are the purple ones, can't remember the little yellow ones' name), Sungold tomatoes, fresh corn, some incredibly fresh shallots, white and yellow peaches. I'm going to make my Lusty Sungold Love with the tomatoes -bliss!- which also means I'll need to cook up some fresh ricotta. No problem there!