Farmers market fabulousness

Well, I think apple season needs another week or two to really kick into gear. Instead, today, we went for other beautiful treats: just look at these pears and plums. I don't know what I'll do yet with the pears but poaching them in a spiced liquid sounds promising. And I think I'm just going to have to make a jam with these plums. T and I were noodling about a possible spice addition and thought allspice might be nice. But we'll see.

I also thought that some grilled potatoes with the thyme pesto and lemon cream we made a few weeks back (obviously a new batch of this pesto) would be a nice Sunday night dish. Thinking of that and another round of my Lusty Sungold Love for tonight...

The farmer from whom I bought the pears is also one of the primary sources of apples at the Dupont market. She definitely knows her apples but is rather tyrannical about it all. True story: when Ol was a few months old, he, J and I went to the market. I had O in the baby carrier, Jack in a stroller, and I was at the apple gal's stand for apples to make sauce. Not necessarily sauce for the boys as I love it just as much. But sauce for the boys was her assumption. She told me that I would NOT be using the apples I'd picked out (and she took them out of my hands) but those she chose because when they cooked down, they would be a fine enough consistency. I was totally taken aback by the dictatorial exchange at hand but just kinda went with it and tried to feel appreciation for an oddly expressed kind of concern(?). Since then, I return to her stand when I see she's engaged with other patrons and I talk to the nice girls who work for her, feeling a little sorry for them all the while.

And now for a daily ricotta update. It + Molly's stewed prunes makes for a mean breakfast. Whoa!