Farmers market booty, Battle Kohlrabi

The boys and I had such a ball at the farmers market this morning. It's a perfect day here- blue skies, just about 60 degrees, sunny, the leaves are changing. Wow- it's truly invigorating. And they ate their way through the stalls, that's for sure. An empanada, a bell pepper, cheese, a cookie, heirloom apple gelato, it just kept going. I've never cooked with kohlrabi and Jack thought they looked like cool spaceships, so today I declare Battle Kohlrabi. A slaw with the daikon and radishes? A mash? And Yotam's eggplant with these for sure, especially now that it's pomegranate season so you can dress the dish with pom seeds. Kale to the nines, leek tart?, and so forth. But for now I'm off to make the veggie tagine for my pal and then get some apple chutney going for the afternoon tea I'm catering on Thursday.