Farmers market

The boys opted to stay at home with T this morning, so I headed to Dupont by myself. The farmers market is always a different experience when the kids aren't with me; the pace is slower but the conversations with vendors are fewer, so it's a trade-off. It is a glorious day, and I brought home some beautiful goodies.

Apples, persimmons, carrots, rainbow kale, hot peppers and some gorgeous sorrel. I love sorrel: it has a clear lemon flavor component and the greatest yet delicate crunch. Yotam uses sorrel a lot so I'm going to use this bunch in one of his recipes. The greens are stunning this time of year, and I worked mightily to not bring home more than I'd use well.

With the apples and peppers, I'm hoping to find the time to make some pepper jelly. Otherwise, more applesauce it will be! I'm not yet sure how I'll use the persimmons but will, of course, keep you posted. Look at the size of these daikon radishes!!!