Fantastic shrimp-n-grits dinner

I woke up with a real yen for shrimp and grits today. I love grits, like really love them. Must be my Louisiana upbringing, but I just think they are fantastic in pretty much every form: plain, buttered, cheesed, fried. Mmm! At the market this afternoon, I spied some fresh corn from FL, the first I've seen this season. At once, a vision of a dish coalesced in my mind: grits with a corn/scallion/green garlic sauté topped with some slightly spicy sherried shrimp. Y'all, this was fantastic, and I'm not going to tell you just how much of this enormous bowl I ate.

What I will tell you is how much I needed something good and successful. What a freaking tough week this has been. Shit is what I have to say, shit. Overextended, underslept, overtalked, overcold.