Family picture, spiced plum jam

Who else has struggled to get a family picture in recent days? Does everyone's school want one? I love the idea, but it's always kinda hairy. You parents of girls probably don't have near as much trouble as those of us with boys. I always end up calling out poop/booger/such words in an attempt to get my scatalogically-minded boys to laugh. Even that failed this morning, but I think we have one decent option. In the past few weeks, I've been photographing the new students for a welcome board at Jack's school. The children are darling, and it's been tons of fun, but I have been amazed by the reaction of little girls to a camera. Insta-pose! Insta-smile! They are on! Cute as buttons but where does this come from? It's fascinating. The boys have, by and large, been very agreeable but without the same performance factor. I just bribed T to go out and run some errands. He was actually fairly amenable as the boys have been whine-factories this morning. Bring on school! In the meantime, I put them in front of Mighty Machines (they are obsessed with Deep Underground, a show about excavating salt mines) and am about to make Chinese 5 Spice for a Spiced Plum and Port Jam I'm going to make this afternoon. DC-folks, if that sounds good to you, I'll be selling some at the Circle Yoga Arts Market on Saturday from 2-6p. Hint, hint. ;)