Fabulous night

Well that was one of the most fun, rejuvenative nights we've had in a while! In Florence, there is a renowned restaurant, Cibreo, founded and headed by Fabio Picchi, an irrepressible lion of a man who resembles Michelangelo's God in the Sistine Chapel. There is also Cibreo trattoria, and then there is Teatro del Sale, a seriously good dinner theater. Housed in a marvelous, cavernous building with high arched ceilings and columns, you serve yourself acqua frizzante and good red wine from a tap, bus your own dishes, make your own espresso and in return are served an incredibly delicious many course meal and then watch a terrific after-dinner show- for 35€. Such a deal and such fun. Tom, Dad and I ate until we might burst and loved Le Cinque Donne, the 5 Women, a wonderfully spirited a capella group. Look at this paccheri, these clams, the size of this pan!