Fab pizza, Bill from Friday night, really gross food info

Ok, the latter part of that subject line was a teaser as tomorrow I'll post a new list of totally disconcerting tidbits about food animal production in the U.S.Preview: feedlot cattle are often fed food into which animal waste, re-processed dead animals and a buffet of antimicrobials are combined. Doesn't that just make you want to go devour a random rib-eye? Wow, savory. Healthful. Pure. Mmm.


zucchini and tomato za

I did manage to catch up on two weeks of my U.S. Food System course, prepare my side of a delicious grilled pizza and watch Real Time from Friday night which was absolutely hysterical. And I quote, "The Middle Ages is a period in history which the Catholic Church calls now." Har. Bill went on to make a great case as to why modern-day Catholics, but by extrapolation any devout person, needn't an institution or organization to tell him/her how to live when those very organizations are so terribly fallible and antiquated themselves. Jon Meacham was good, Jamie Weinstein intolerable. And that frontal puff of hair, puh-lease.