Fab-o pasta, pom relish recipe, r&r

I relished a much-deserved pedicure with extra massage this afternoon. Every single minute of it. My toes are a glittery, festive magenta, I lost a pound or so via exfoliation, and I completed part of a crossword. All at the same time. Amazing. So worth it. Thank you babysitters and a few hours off. The cranberry pomegranate relish recipe is now posted under Dressings and Sauces- sooo good. And for dinner, I whipped up this delicious radicchio-bacon spaghetti: radicchio cooked in bacon drippings; crumbled bacon, crème fraîche, Parm, whole wheat spaghetti and a drizzle of olive oil. Wonderful!

T is home, and since I went to bed at 8:15p last night, I've got the tiniest bit of reserve in me. Perhaps we'll watch a movie.