Fab-o new jam; 18 collard hand-pies; ricotta; scene

The Circle Yoga Arts Market is less than two weeks ago, and so now is my crunch time for final preps. I made 18 beautiful collard green-chorizo hand-pies and popped them into the deep freeze; will bake them fresh morning of. I also made some fresh ricotta as it'd been a while, and lastly, used half our farmers market peaches (best of the season, I swear) in a new jam: peach-ginger-rhubarb. Mostly peaches, a hint of rhubarb, and some crystallized ginger to wrap things up. It is SO divine! www.em-i-lis.com

Now I am pooped, and though the children and I had a lovely day, I started shutting down from being talked to about an hour and a half ago. Have mercy! School starts one week from tomorrow!