Fab new Brussels sprouts creation

Hot damn! I had some gorgeous, fresh, looovely, baby Brussels sprouts from Sunday's farmers market and wanted to do something with them tonight. Roasted sprouts are always nice but it's getting to be that point in the winter season where I'm nearing fatigue with roasted veggies. I mean really, I've been roasting since Halloween. Anyway, I also didn't want to go the shaved sprout salad route because these babies were too pretty to do anything with except keep them whole. What about a fiery pan fry? A-ha.

I will definitely post this recipe but in brief, I heated a few tablespoons of Spanish olive oil until quite hot, about 315° (I know this because my gadget-loving hubby has an infrared gun for this type of purpose). Into that I tossed 1/4 tsp black mustard seeds, 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes and 1 very large clove of garlic which I'd slivered paper-thin. I let that fry for a minute or two and then threw in my Brussels sprouts for maybe 2 minutes, shaking the pan well throughout. Just before serving, I sprinkled liberally with Maldon and served them over thin blood orange slices. Heaven!

Presently, the sweet potatoes are, yes, roasting with garlic, honey, EVOO and Aleppo pepper, and I'm waiting for this rice pudding beauty to cool. And, almost best of all, it's just 7:40p! I will get to bed so early!