Fab MD feast

Before Jack's baseball game this evening, T's parents came over for a Mother's Day fete and feast. I'd planned to make lobster rolls, and then T decided to butter-poach the tails (quick-boiled for two minutes, shells then removed, recipe a la Thomas Keller) in his sous vide machine. To toss with the poached meat he made a homemade Dijon mayo; I added snipped chives. We had a fresh loaf of challah from our challah-share at Ol's school, and from that I made split top, butter-toasted rolls. Rolls-stuffed with lobster-topped with fresh micro greens = un.bel.ievable. So, so good. butter-poached, Dijon mayo-dressed lobster in challah rolls with micro greens

I also managed to get myself off the couch to make a rhubarb-strawberry pie (mostly rhubarb) spiced with cinnamon, orange and almond extract. Un.bel.ievable. That made for a fab dessert, and then we all rolled to the field for J's last regular-season game.

rhubarb-strawberry pie

Let me tell you that I was so proud of my little slugger. His team hasn't won a game all season, a trend that kept going like a wildfire tonight. But they just get out there and have fun and do their best and all the parents cheer and no one seems to care that they're losing which I think is SO surprising and SO great. He got a couple hits, got on base, had a ball and is now in the bath.

I'm going back to the couch but as a happy and grateful mama. PS- T has won hubs of the year this weekend. WOW!