Fab Carolina Gold risotto, too much tea

I felt that by now, having had a homemade quad latte most every morning for the past whatever number of years, I was impervious to more-than-that caffeine. Today I believe I learned otherwise. Or, I learned that wow, Lady Grey tea has a LOT of caffeine in it. How did this come to pass? Well, I did follow through on my earlier idea to make a pot of tea. I set the kettle to boil, hung two bags of Lady Grey into a porcelain pot, and when the water was boiling, poured it in and let it steep. Cup by cup, I drank a bit more than half of the pot. While chatting with my Mom, I started to feel alive. Then positively energetic. And then downright on fire. I've not drunk too much caffeine since an all-nighter in college, and that was many moons ago. It's a weird sensation I don't wish to replicate anytime soon. Beware Lady Grey! The day stayed that intense for quite some time, culminating eight hours later (after a trip to the doctor, gymnastics class, etc) with Oliver wailing about Tool Sheet. Where was Tool Sheet? Probs where you left it little one. Now, Purr Motor, aka Nutmeg, and I are chilling in bed. Whew. My stomach is full of a delightful risotto I made for dinner: Carolina Gold rice, broccoli, chicken, whey, ginger and garlic. What a highbrow way to clean out my fridge, if I do say so myself. ;)

Carolina Gold risotto with broccoli, chicken, ginger and whey