So yesterday, I was canning watermelon rind pickles, and after submerging the final jar into the canning pot, I heard a thud of sorts. I removed the lid, peeked inside but saw nothing amiss so assumed the jars are simply shifted. Come time to remove said jars, I get to that pesky last one, lift it up and watch as the bottom falls out, spilling a neat ring of glass and hard-earned pickles swimming to the depths of the pot. I've never had that happen! Tonight, I was broiling eggplants for Yotam's eggplant with tahini, and opened the oven after a long while to check their progress. Almost before I'd touch this one with my tongs, it exploded like a vegetable-hating I.E.D. Eggplant guts are all over my kitchen, and I'm hoping what remains in this taut shell will make for a good meal despite the weirdness. Never had this happen either. Thus the admonition to pierce the aubergine several times before broiling which I completely failed to do.

Friends, it was a long day. Wow! A good one but intense at every turn. Back-to-school! Tae Kwon Do! Penis talk despite my best efforts! Exploding eggplants! I'm actually looking forward to the DNC as I suspect it will lull me into a slumber. It was absolutely fabulous to see all my parents-of-the-kids pals today, and I discovered that many felt exactly like this (as did I). Hah!