Exciting Em-i-lis Events upcoming

In case you don't stalk my events calendar (heh), I wanted to let you know a bit more about four events occurring in the next three months: 1) On Saturday, August 25, I'll be teaching another canning seminar at the Silver Spring, MD, location of Strosniders. It will start at 9am, and though the exact "what" is still TBD, we might be canning a delicious apple chile chutney.

2) On Saturday, September 8, from 1-4pm, I'll be participating in the second annual Circle Yoga Artisan's Market. It is a wonderful event featuring the wares of local cooks, artists and so forth who utilize sustainable/organic/eco-friendly stuff in their work. I'll be there with a huge table of canned and baked goods and this year will have a larger vegan selection than I did last fall.

3) On Saturday, September 15, from 9:30-11am, I'll be teaching Canning 101 at the Twins Ace Hardware on Main Street in Fairfax. Exactly what we'll be canning remains TBD.

and finally,

4) On Saturday, October 27, at the Strosniders in Bethesda, I'll be teaching another canning seminar. This event starts at 9am and we'll be making cranberry sauce in anticipation of Thanksgiving!

Registration information can be found by clicking on each event in the Em-i-lis Calendar.