Energizer bunny cooking

Ok, good progress over here. 24 mini-cupcakes and 15 large ones, all chocolate, are cool and will await tomorrow's frosting.  A pan of pecan brown butter brownies is cooling; these smell to the heavens. What a perfect recipe! For dinner tonight, I'm making a collards, corn and bacon recipe that I'm peer-testing for food52 and also a summer squash couscous with sultanas, pistachios and mint dish that sounds absolutely lovely. Both will really highlight all the gorgeous produce that's out right now! I also have 2.5 pounds of 50/50 chuck/sirloin with which I'm going to make kofta burgers for our beach trip.

Jack and Tom are watching MythBusters- it's a cool and educational show, and it's pretty darn cute to listen to them debrief about the experimentation and methodology. Everyone is tired over here this afternoon, so we're having a lazy one. Amen! Off to pit and freeze the cherries. Or maybe I'll just sneak to the couch and read the paper.