Em-i-lis(t) of the day

Questions: 1) In Bob the Builder, are Bob and Wendy dating? Who voices Bob? And why does he sound so weird? "I don't like to wear a suuuuuiiiiiiiit." "Wendy, did yooouuuu know about this?" Are the machines supposed to be case studies in psychological disorders? 2) What is up with the Nissan Cube? I don't get it? 3) Is there anything wrong with eating just Pirate's Booty and hamantashen for lunch? Is said lunch the reason I don't feel so hot right now?

Let's talk about these hamantashen. Once a year, during Purim, the Jewish nursery school that Jack attended and where Oliver is now, has a fundraiser in which they sell homemade hamantashen, the triangle shaped butter cookies stuffed with various fillings: apricot, raspberry, chocolate, poppy, etc. I wait for this eagerly every year, and each time around, I buy more. See, I've found you can freeze them and they emerge beautifully, as if you've just bought them. This year I bought 4 boxes of chocolate and 1 apricot, and my friend, foodie C, bought six boxes (I introduced these to her last year and she hopped right aboard the fan train). These are not small cookies! They are insanely good. I envision a room of Bubbes working on these together, skilled hands moving without thought, a written recipe a silly suggestion as these were long ago committed to memory. Love it.

4) Romney? Santorum? Really? Isn't there anyone else out there who wants to run?