Eewww!! Yuk food but also that which is delicious


Oliver recently informed me that despite the many delicious lunch offerings at school, he chose to make a ketchup sandwich. Can I just pause to hurl again?! A ketchup sandwich??? Oh.mah.gah. Have I taught him nothing about the pleasures of good food? Did he truly enjoy that concoction? I think I died a little when he told me and have since been recovering from the shock and sadness.

Ketchup is one of my least favorite condiments. It's a toss up between it and tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is probably worse, not least because tartar makes me think of dirty teeth.

In my opinion, ketchup is only good on steak fries and the occasional tater tot. Fully aware that I am in the minority on this one, I nonetheless maintain this viewpoint with the strength of Job.

And I thought Jack's jelly sandwich phase was bad. Hah!


Today's canning class was such fun. We made Apple Chili Chutney which really is divine. You should try it- a 1x recipe needn't be waterbath processed, so folks out there who are nervous about preserving stuff don't need to even think about anything more than refrigeration. You can do it!! And then go get some sharp cheddar, roast chicken and good bread and make yourself a fabulous sandwich.


When was the last time you really, really wanted something? Not an object or anything. More along the lines of an accomplishment or a role. I am in the seriously-covetous phase right now. Not gonna tell you about what, but it kept me up the other night which was kind of exciting. I love projects or goals or whatever it is that gives me this inner fire. The feeling is positively livening! ```````

Now I'm hungry. However, I'm outside in AROMO enjoying the brisk air, everything that's chirruping and unable to go inside because the kids and a sitter have not yet retired upstairs for bath time. I'm not so hungry as to interrupt all this, but I'm starting to get there. What will dinner be tonight? Hmm. ```````

Nutmeg, in case you've missed him: