Eager for Spring

Oh gosh, everything is budding out to beat sixty. It's because we've had such bizarre-o warm weather this winter, but I am thrilled, THRILLED, to see my daffodils starting to bloom, the tulips nearly 2" high, my gorgeous honeysuckle that the deck guys seemed to be intent on killing leafing out all over the place despite their efforts. I'm starting to feel heat from the sun again, real warmth on my skin rather than just the awareness that although the sun is shining, I'm getting nothing but goosebumps. I went to the nursery today and stocked up on topsoil, mulch, seeds and the like. I planted a hardy rosemary, cleaned off my potting table and ordered another potato grow-bag (really worked) and some biodegradable cowpots in which I'm going to attempt to get my own seedlings going. I'll sow some spinach seeds soon; my radicchio and lacinato kale from last year reseeded themselves and are going great guns by the sugar maple, and a tiny bouquet of thyme is showing itself in a pot out front. The pansies have perked up, the rhododendrons are boasting many tightly-wrapped buds, and a lone yellow crocus is brightening up a swath of garden that is otherwise camo-hued right now. I'm always amazed that just when I'm tiring of root vegetables and warm socks, the big reprieve comes. Oh sure, I'll roast a few more pans of parsnips and their compatriots, but I can see the light of spring, literally, and I'm getting excited for different and lighter fare. My pasty legs yearn for some sun, and I bought a new pair of shorts a few days ago, just because it didn't seem totally insane. We've got a few weeks left at the least, so I'm trying not to jump the gun. My new herbs are perched on a windowsill, peering longingly at the still-too-cold beyond. Soon enough, I guess, soon enough.

Off to get ready for the feast I'm going to enjoy in the near future...aah!