Dulcet Morrocan mustard found

Y'all, such good news. Do you remember that the DC Whole Foods stopped carrying that Dulcet Morrocan mustard with which I'm obsessed and which is the base for my Em-i-lis Saturday Roast Turkey sandwich? I was beyond dismayed but upon realizing that Dulcet is based in Portland held out hope that I could replenish my home supply while we were here. We hadn't had any luck finding it so I just called Dulcet directly and got to speak to the head of the company. She could not have been nicer AND helped me locate a source. So, T and I are headed to another farmers market for lunch and some hazelnuts from a specific farm I've been searching for and will then make haste to the Pearl District for several jars of my beloved mustard. Yay! See Em-i-lis Recipes for the turkey sandwich recipe. Delish!