Double Grape Compote, a study of the Hakurei Y'all, I have been in my PJs since 2p, and it's been blissful. The kids have spent the afternoon with T's parents (heaven!), and I have taken a nap, read, putzed, made a batch of Double Grape Compote, got it in the freezer, am now roasting some gorgeous cauliflower right AND have just snapped some beautiful, if I say so myself, photographs of a fresh bunch of Hakurei turnips.

This small, snow white turnip is a member of the cabbage, more formerly brassica, family as are radishes, broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables. I grew up eating boiled purple top turnips, a larger variety that generally needs to be cooked or pickled to be most enjoyed. I love turnips to this day, rutabagas too! Smaller turnips such as the Hakurei are much sweeter and can be eaten like a radish or apple. They're lovely sauteed, glazed, mashed, pickled, stewed with their greens, made into soup, and one of my favorite applications is to sear them with radishes, drench them in a butter-anchovy-garlic sauce and serve them atop grilled bread. Oh, mon dieu. I could die just imagining it!