Don't forget about cherry mania tomorrow, crostini dinner, fab juice blend

Tomorrow's One Day Deal at Whole Foods is:

Organic Cherries Reg. $7.99/lb Sale: $3.99/lb You Save: $4/lb
I know I'll be putting up a huge batch of my cherry-cardamom jam, eating them plain, perhaps making a tart. Cherries this time of year are an absolutely sexy, indulgent, majorly delicious treat.
For dinner tonight, I decided that the best way to use up a boatload of varied produce was to go crostini-style. I made some bruschetta, am roasting beets right now, have some fresh ricotta, some gorgeous crab meat, tons of avocados, some nice cheese and some sweet onions. In all of that are the makings for a good dinner.
Have y'all jumped on the freshly-pressed juice trend at all? I sometimes treat myself to a special drink at a local juice bar and have to tell you that the one I had earlier this week was truly wonderful: kale, coconut meat and milk, orange and lemon. They called it the Greensicle. I'll have to tinker to figure out the ingredients ratio but will definitely try because it was awesome, and SO good for me.