Disgust re: Penn State, Delight re: Cauliflower

People, who can even get over those in College Park who rioted after JoePa's firing?! I have been absolutely flabbergasted by the behavior of those who prioritize football over morality and decency, those who say, as one guy quoted in Joe Nocera's NYT column today, that after all Paterno has done for us, they do this to him. Are you kidding me? An immoral wretch of a man stalked and took advantage of boys he was supposed to be helping, and for $50 million of annual football profits, Penn State covered it all up? For that, JoePa and his minions should be excused? I think not. This is moral decrepitude of a most hideous form, and while I don't feel that the football players, who presumably knew nothing about all this, should be punished, all who covered this up and supported Sandusky in any way on behalf of PSU football should be fired at the very least. Revolting. Also revolting is a story T and I sat dumbstruck before while watching on 60 Minutes last night. Who's heard of the rules that exempt Congressional members from rules on insider trading? We had not and were shocked that this is a) not insanely illegal and b) that these folks aren't in jail. How on earth can the head and members of the House Committee on Financial Services be privy to information pretty much no one else is and then perfectly free to buy/short/sell stocks on their own behalf??? All these sanctimonious jerks -Boehner, Bachus- have benefited immensely from this loophole which I find absolutely unconscionable. ~~ On another note entirely, how cool is this cauliflower, and how yummy does this dish look?