Dinner was so good, plans for today

It is so great having my sister here and a real treat that she came in a day before anyone else. She, Tom and I and are thick as thieves, loved the wine she brought, and thought dinner was excellent. T made a great mustard-maple glaze for the salmon which we grilled on a plank. Do y'all do that? It  just imparts such a great smoky flavor as well as that of whatever wood you use, and it really keeps the fish moist as the meat never touches the hot grates directly. The boys slept until 6:15 this morning which was extremely late for us and relatively blissful. Could I have used another three hours? Absolutely, but I'll feel grateful that it wasn't in the 5:00s.

For dinner tonight I'm going to make a big batch of mujadarra (the onion/lentil/rice dish) with spiced yogurt -here's a link to the recipe- and today I need to make another blackberry pie and one last meat mixture for a dressing. Ok, J asked that we do a family craft this morning and each make a rattlesnake (Mr. Wild West in effect), so I need to go finish my rattle. T's snake is ridiculously good. Heh.