Dinner via Project Clean Out the Fridge & Pantry

I am really enjoying the pre-leaving challenge of cleaning out my fridge and pantry without sacrificing flavor at mealtimes. Tonight, I found a bunch of little new potatoes - red, white and purple majesties - and a gorgeous, fresh red onion. It screamed out for me to don my onion goggles before even thinking of cutting into it. I am glad I did, as it "bled" white (you know, white onion juice) pretty much immediately once pierced. Hmm...what about a Meatless Monday version of my family's Momo Potatoes recipe (potatoes, cheddar, onions and bacon)? Yes. I oven-roasted the potatoes with some garlic and oil while concurrently caramelizing the red onion, slivered, on the stovetop. A generous grate of good, sharp cheddar plus some chives, red pepper flakes and Maldon finished things off. Yum! And lucky me, I got my leftover pizza from last night as my co-entree. T had to settle for yogurt.