Dinner tonight= pasta a la boulangere, Whole Foods daily deal tomorrow

I wrote last night about all the folks I've gotten to know or have met since I started Em-i-lis, and one is another avid cook who is also active on food52. She and I correspond somewhat regularly which has really been a treat. Though I've not met her in person, I feel we know each other in a small way, and it's neat and appreciated. Tonight, I'm making a pasta dish she created after a visit to Florence, Italy. As my sister lives there, Florence is special to me, and I love Tuscan food, too. Her (my far-away friend, not my sister) food52 name is boulangere, and she's got a great spirit. I know we'd enjoy wine, laughter and conversation if ever we were to meet. So tonight I'm going to make this delicious dish (boulangere, I might dust mine with freshly toasted breadcrumbs, and I've got collards so am using them in place of spinach; decidedly un-Tuscan I know, but call it Florence joins forces with Louisiana; interestingly, the fleur-de-lis is the official symbol of BOTH; how cool is that?!) and will send you a toast from DC. Here's to community and conversation! ~~ Tomorrow's One Day deal at Whole Foods is a 5 pound box of fresh CA satsumas for $4.99 (rather than the regular $7.99). Yum!