Dinner parties, farmers market, finally the World Cup draws to an end

People, can you believe that the World Cup has still not ended? I mean, what are these guys' families doing? I'd be over it by now if I were a German or Argentinian wife. So, good thing I'm not. This has been a very nice weekend over all. It's hot as Hades outside today but the sun is shining and all the rain we received last week has made for a lawn that almost looks healthy. On Friday, we went to a seriously lovely dinner party at some friends' house. Great food, company, conversation and the delightful opportunity to don a dress and heels. Thank you M² for such a thoughtful and beautiful evening.

About three weeks ago, we finally admitted to the children that we owned a Wii and had for years.

"Is it IN the house?" they asked. "Yes, in the basement." "OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fast forward, and Tom has ordered a second controller and he and Jack have become obsessive fruit ninjas and golfers. The intense chatter emanating from the basement right now is hilarious. Oliver is patiently serving as the most enthusiastic peanut gallery ever.

Why do cats mash their front paws back and forth on soft things, all the while purring and blinking their eyes? Nutmeg is so obviously in pleasure right now, just over my left shoulder (I'm on the couch). It weirds Tom out when he witnesses the massaging paws in action. How handsome is the Nut I ask you!?


This morning, Ol and I went to the farmers market where, per the usual, he ate the entire time that I shopped: popsicle, buffalo stick, apple cider, all manner of samples. GUESS WHAT I SAW -n- BOUGHT??? The first yellow plums of the season. This means plum-basil jam and a very happy Em-i-lis. We also came home with sour cherries, eggplant, rhubarb and some other treats. Beautiful stuff, isn't it?