Dinner o' pasties and gorgeous summer salad

Can I just tell you how glad I was to remember my batch of frozen pasties tonight? VERY. This afternoon, I took the boys swimming for a while which was fun but extremely tiring despite the fact that I was never in water deeper than 3.5 feet. We met a pal and her darling daughter there, and really, it was stunning to witness boys v. girls at play. She was delicate and relatively calm though she does have an impressive set of lungs (you cute girl, you really do), while my children raced through the fountains at warp speed, pretending the bursts were things which must be cut down, razed!, destroyed!. and periodically cruising over to me at which point they would climb/hang/cling on me to beat sixty. I nearly lost my bathing suit more than once. We then went to the bookstore and finally made it home.

Long story short, beyond roasting some beets for a summer salad, I didn't have much in the way of a plan for dinner, and T was obviously not excited about "just a salad" for his meal. Pasties in the freezer. Amen!