Dinner, figs, ricotta, Happy FD

My ricotta looks pillowy and perfect. The poached figs and plump and sensual as they swim in their syrupy, spiced bath. Together, these will make a hell of a breakfast for moi tomorrow morning. I also made a lovely dinner, each element of which was the definition of simple and further underscored the dictum: buy the best-quality food you can and then simply let it shine with little or no adornment. Height-of-the-season corn on the cob? A three minute cook in was-boiling water, and voila, magnificent. Just caught King salmon? Seasoned with salt, pepper and a few tablespoons of fresh whey (another good fat would also suffice), wrapped in a foil pack and roasted in a hot oven...perfection. A simple couscous dish for a hearty side? Wonderful. Tonight, I made Amanda Hesser's couscous with celery, parsley and a minimalist red wine vinaigrette, a recipe I discovered the summer T and I lived in Amsterdam and which has been a favorite ever since.



Everything was so basic, so elementally good, and I feel infinitely satisfied. And now to bed because tomorrow is Father's Day. I feel a slight grr towards this only because I count on the weekends so very much as times of shared parenting. But c'est la vie. The boys treated me so well on Mother's Day and I can reciprocate.

Off.to.bed. Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!