Dinner, Denver

Folks, it looks SO brutally, horribly cold in Denver. "Feels like" -2 is never good, and why do some of those guys not have a sleeved undershirt on?! Though not a big sports fan, I do enjoy a good football game. Mind you, I'll never let my boys play football, but an exciting four quarters is really fun. That with-30-seconds-left touchdown by Baltimore was amazing. Wow! And overall, this Broncos-Ravens game is pretty terrific. Despite my earlier lag (by which I mean I completely passed out on the couch until Oliver yelled for wiping help), I managed to get a good dinner on the table this evening. Creamed leeks and roast chicken with three-citrus marmalade.

roast chicken with three citrus marmalade

Holy shit Dennis Pitta- that was an incredible catch!!

Anyway, back to dinner. Solid. I would not make the leek dish again but it was a good side for the chicken. And tomorrow, my writing class starts AND T and I have tickets to see Zero Dark Thirty.

creamed leeks