Dinner, cherry update

What a nice day today was. I successfully stemmed and pitted 6 of my 8 quarts of sour cherries, freezing some while most of the rest are now macerating; I'll can them tomorrow as, if all goes according to plan, a delicious Sour Cherry Jam with Black Pepper (and maybe a splash of balsamic; that is TBD). My tomato tart is truly scrumptious, and I've got the recipe, Herby Tomato Tart, posted in Entrees. What a hit! To go alongside it tonight for dinner, I made my lemony green beans which are, bar none, the best green beans ever. Slick a skillet with olive oil and squeeze in the juice of a half lemon. Heat over medium-high heat until nice and warm, add a big bunch of green beans (two handfuls or so) and sprinkle with a generous bit of salt (a quarter teaspoon or so). Shake the skillet (or use a wooden spoon or spatula) to toss the beans with the lemon oil, making sure all the beans are coated.

Cook, 5-7 minutes, until the beans are crisp-tender and have started to sear in some spots. Unreal!

lemony green beans