Different boys, take 2; migraine, day 3

This morning, Oliver insisted on wearing a police hat and jacket to camp. He's usually my Builder so this came rather out of nowhere, but diversity is nice, so I said "sure!" When I dropped him off, he eagerly said goodbye and walked off with a counselor, a stranger to him, but because of the friendly, expected context, Ol said hello and took his hand. My heart melted, and as I watched his sturdy little three year old legs walk away, thighs covered by the over-sized police coat, I truly thought I would die of love. After I picked him up from camp, we scooted over to Jack's camp to fetch him. He's taking a language arts and math camp during the mornings this week and LOVES it. Anyway, one of his "assignments" today was to write and draw about the superhero power he would acquire could he have one: grapple hooks that shoot out of his hands when he needs them. I thought this was cool, and said I would choose to fly. Then Oliver chimed in and said he would "shoot poopie out of my booty." Really? The boy humor just keeps coming. Jack, of course, said that was an "awesome idea."

Friends, I will tell you that I'm becoming extremely testy due to this migraine's longevity. Simply put, it's a beast and sucks. I have never responded to traditional migraine meds (Imitrex and triptans help not at all!), Vioxx worked like a charm but we know where that option went, and acupuncture -which works best of all though isn't foolproof- is not something I can do as simply as swallowing a pill; I don't have an acupuncturist on call, for the love. Lest you think I've not run the gamut of treatment options, I have. Repeatedly. They've definitely gotten better over the years (I used to have them for 4-5 days at a time, several times a month!) and vanished completely each time I was pregnant; now they just haunt me once a month at most, and yes, they are hormonally-related, so if you find you're plagued on a monthly basis, consider hormones as the culprit.

I am finally making the dilly beans and am putting Tom on dinner- fresh shrimp a la T.