Dessert OD, shrimp rolls, solo din

After the cinnamon rolls, shortcakes and last few bites of cherry pie last night, it was with some feelings of "ugh" that I made chocolate cupcakes this morning for Jack to bring to camp as a slightly belated birthday celebration there. I was so happy to send them all out of my house and do not think I can look at sugar or butter again until I make his last cake on Saturday. Good lord on turning 6! T and I were pooped last night so enjoyed a very simple dinner of avomato salad (avocado + tomatoes, folks) and easy shrimp rolls. Shrimp rolls are so honking good. We had some leftover potato-bread hotdog buns which I toasted and slicked with butter. Then I stuffed sautéed spicy shrimp in them! Rock on!

I also successfully took out my stitches because I really didn't feel like going to the doc to have them removed today. Nice!

T is in NY for the day so tonight I'll be enjoying a veggie dinner solo. Ooh, child a'calling...