Delicious new couscous dish, solid greens recipe

This couscous salad was really wonderful and will definitely move into rotation over here. YUM! Summer squash, mint, pistachios, sultanas and wonderful, subtle lemon-garlic dressing. Seriously good, and so pretty. I love buying newly picked produce (here the squash) and using it later that day: the fresh factor is unreal. I also used the collards from our FM outing with corn T bought just yesterday in this collard/corn/bacon dish which is also quite lovely to look at. Corn and bacon are such nice friends, as are collards and bacon. This recipe is so thoughtfully constructed but I would a) cook the bacon until crispy and b) slow-cook the collards to get the silky factor that in this dish, as written, is missing. They were too chewy for my taste, and as the lardons weren't crisp, the double-chew factor was disappointing. Crispy bacon would be a great textural counterpoint to the corn and collards, especially if the collards were smooth as they can be.