DC foodies

What a fun, impressive group of women cooks I met today at the food52 party. Naturally, the food was to die for, and C and I left feeling extremely full. One woman made a beautiful, delicious sweet potato gratin that included bacon she had made; another made us feel simultaneously sated and healthy with an absolutely wonderful mujadara; others made ribs, savory bread pudding, the quinoa-kale pilaf I cooked recently, and these were before dessert. That course included a plum tart that was the best I've had; perfect cream cheese cookies; an impossibly light madeira tart; mint brownies; and a cheese plate that was both divine and homemade! It was a hell of a potluck to be sure, and a treat to meet many women whom I've admired, communicated or cooked with from afar. I've lost some of the will for pizza tonight and might indulge in one small piece and an early bedtime. Today was gorgeous, and we did much more gardening when I got home. Send vibes that no one is up before 6 tomorrow!

Did anyone enjoy Bill Maher's penultimate show of the season Friday night? I hate when he goes on vacation- boo!