Day's done

Did you ever sing that song at camp? Taps?"Day's done. Gone the sun. Through the lakes, through the hills, through the skies. All is well, safely rest. Good night (or god is nigh)."

I always enjoyed singing that at sunset during weeks at summer camp. And it comes to me tonight, after a long and heavy day of reminiscence and goodbye. I gave Jack the option of coming, or not, to everything today: the pre-funeral visitation; funeral; burial; etc. Southern Catholics don't mess around with their funerals; these events are serious time commitments, and I wanted to let Jack feel a sense of control. He opted into everything and was great.

Afterwards, I said he could veg out all afternoon. He played ludicrous amounts of video games and did some reading. I made a lemon meringue pie a la Nanny and my shrimp cassoulet for dinner. Mom, Dad, jack, my aunt Renee and I told stories, ate well and now eagerly, almost desperately, are calling it a day. Mom said I should stop cooking, but that's what I could do, you know?