Dashi soba soup


This, after enough added salt and tamari, really hit the spot. Dashi is simple to make (tonight was my first go), and the poached egg was the crème.

What's dashi? Most basically, it's a stock made from steeping ginger, kombu (a seaweed) and bonito flakes in hot water. You can also buy dashi powder (which is nothing more than ground bonito flakes).

What is bonito? It's a fish in the same family as mackerel and tuna, and when bought in flake form, you're simply purchasing bonito that's been dried, fermented and smoked.

As y'all probably know, I like to make my own stuff from the ground up, so: made the dashi; strained it; cooked the soba noodles, leeks and scallions in it; added some sesame oil and tamari; poached a couple eggs; gently slid those over bowls of dashi and soba; and reseasoned everything. Hearty, healthy, flavorful, satisfying.

Off to bed with thoughts of no snow and springtime dancing in my head.