Cute little meatballs, more gardening, dinner

As I mentioned yesterday, International Day at O's school came upon me more quickly than I'd anticipated. I've yet to cut the myriad strips for Italian flag-making, but I have finished these darling little meatballs for the kids to taste as they visit my table. It's our favorite family recipe (the one I've gone on about in the past) minus the pork and whatever's left over -if any- will be happily devoured by my boys tomorrow night. It was another gorgeous day here today, and I planted my potatoes and a calla lily and finally got the hoses reconnected so that I could water everything. I decided to double down on the amount I planted of things that grew well and that I loved last year: more potatoes, more greens, and once it's warm enough, more beans/peas and all manner of small tomato.

Although I'm looking forward to a yummy dinner of white bean and tuna salad with fresh bread, I actively yearned throughout the day for more of those ethereally good ravioli I made last night. For the first time EVER, T made no mention of it being Meatless Monday. A pat on the back to me for making the carnivore happy without for a night!