Cured salad

I just realized how much the picture of my bread I posted earlier looks like some sort of boob. Oh well, I'm a nascent breadmaker, and one side puffed out a bit more than the rest. Bygones. I went to a talk on Quaker Aesthetics tonight which was quite enjoyable but started at 7, and I didn't have time to eat beforehand. Starving and migraining when I returned home, I immediately  put together the "cured" salad I've been going on about, subbing golden beets I'd pickled a few months back for the ones called for in the recipe. How fortuitous to have those on hand! I knew my canning obsession last summer would come in handy. Anyway, this was a very delicate, lovely, simple salad that I enjoyed quite a bit. It felt very restaurant, in the sense that it had multiple components and definitely required the use of Grade A ingredients- a fun meal for 1. I served it with toasted slices of my bread and the roasted garlic I'd made the other day with the tomato raisins.

Much as I want to turn on the debate going on in Tampa, I'm off to bed. Readers, I hope you suspected some sarcasm in the prior sentence: it was there, in spades.