Crostini night, closure on the weird sighting

I am soooo tired right now. Not totally sure why but it might have something to do with the fact that I just spent four hours in a windowless room in my basement reading transfer applications like a speed-addled automaton. I did take a desperate break for some coffee, and it was on my way to the shop that I saw my second viewing of the "car turned on but missing a driver and passengers." I must follow up and tell you that on my return amble home, I saw the owner driving the car away. He was - not really to my surprise, and no I'm not being ageist - extremely elderly and was definitely taking it slow. This car was a land-yacht and not a new one. Anyway, I'm still puzzled but at least the battery didn't die on him while he was where he was.

T has a work dinner, and I decided that I must make some fava bean-mint-pecorino puree and a thyme-spinach pesto with a preserved lemon cream for a solo crostini night. Sounds fab. Can I stand up though? That is the $65,000 question.