I really wanted Brussels sprouts last night but I knew T would be distraught if along side them I didn't serve a redemptive protein. I peered into our garage-based chest freezer and saw my last pound of Louisiana crawfish. An idea began to take hold. Long story short -blanching and food processing the B. sprouts, shredding in some Hakurei turnips too, boiling the crawfish, getting out the Tony Chachere's and making a fab aioli that included bacon drippings (just a little) and reduced apple cider, monitoring T's skepticism while pretending I didn't notice- I served us this.

And boy did he approve. Wonderful, flavorful, each element its own star. I'm writing up the recipe  next unless I decide it really is time to pack for Chicago since my cab comes at 7:55 tomorrow morning. I have not even mentioned that my college reunion -Go Northwestern, Go!- is this weekend because I have been so busy, and it came up so quickly, and I hate to pack so much, and really I'm in complete denial.

PS- The Apple Cider Muffins are fabulous- a favorite! The farro salad from two days back is one of my favorite Em-i-lis recipes too!