Cornbread made, gorgeous day -again!, finished off beet tart, frosting to be whipped

Jack and I took Oliver to family visiting day at O's school this morning- so cute to see J in his old classroom. Everything was the same, but now he's so grown up. It's almost hard to remember him at 2 years old. Then we came home, walked the "canine", got a cookie treat and have been snuggled up reading Aladdin on the couch. I made the red chile cornbread, and once I get Mr. O down for his nap and J into his quiet time, it's whipped cream-mascarpone frosting time- SUCH a good icing for cakes. Jack refuses to eat buttercream so I found this recipe out of necessity but am so glad I did and will post it soon. It's so beautiful again here today. I just want to go roll around in my yard, but having seen Percy and his "spot-treatment" on my plants, I think I shouldn't do so.

Can I just tell you that the beet tart ages well? Heck- I just finished it off for a mid-morning snack. The goat cheese-onion mixture is really sublime. Ok, we gotta get O. How gorgeous are these apples and pears?