Cooking class con Novella

Friends, it is killing me that inexplicably the computer I borrowed from my sister refuses to connect to the internet because I have so many photos to share with you. Despite the size, I've included one below: hand-rolled trofie (a pasta shape) with pomodorini (a tomato sauce) and toasted bread crumbs. This afternoon, I took a four-hour private cooking class during which time I learned to make two different pasta doughs, three different pastas, three sauces and the beautiful dessert, Mille Foglie.

Yes, that's true and awesome. I now know how to craft orecchiette and trofie as well as spinach-ricotta-stuffed ravioli, both squares and mezzalunas. I can make a traditional broccoli sauce for the first, a tremendous pomodorini for the second and a fascinating sausage/sweet onion/saffron/cream sauce too. Chef Novella also shared a pesto rosso recipe that I cannot wait to try: sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, vin santo-drenched raisins and a few other ingredients which are escaping me now because I am very tired.

Having a newborn is a lot of work, even if you are just an engaged auntie who is smitten with him.

Novella made her puff pastry for the Mille Foglie from scratch which she said is a hell of a job. I might just buy mine. She said doing so is worth every penny. The cream is like best-ever vanilla pudding mixed with whipped cream. OMG.

At Elia's apartment tonight, we cooked everything and were so full after our flight of pastas that we saved the dessert for tomorrow. I can't wait!!