Cooking and eating on gray days

It isn't actually cold today, but it looks like it should be. And for lunch, I found myself wanting something hearty and warm but not too heavy. What about compost salad gone warm + toast instead of crackers? Perfect! I sauteed some mushrooms and a chopped leek in a little butter with salt and thyme and added chopped radicchio towards the end. Then I scrambled an egg into all that, grated some Gruyere over the top and stewed it all together. Meanwhile I toasted a slice of multigrain bread, and then, true to form, I slicked it with two kinds of jam. I like options, lots of tastes. It's why I have a cereal buffet in my pantry and often for breakfast combine 3 or 4 of them in my bowl.

Anyway, this is really tasty, healthy too, and just to make it even more comforting, I put it in a bowl. Sending sleep vibes to little O. After I eat I'm going to look into easy bread recipes.