Cookies, compost salad, out to dinner, The Help

T and I watched The Help last night, and I really thought it was good. The acting was superb. Viola Davis deserves an Academy Award- she had such a  beautiful dignity and strength. But really, everyone was excellent- wow, what an ensemble! It is raining cats and dogs today; everything just feels soggy as get out. You can't escape it. It's as if the world is made of dirty caramel. Ah well, we're going to have a cookie-making afternoon over here. I just bought some new holiday cookie cutters, and the butter is softening on the counter. Mr. J went back to school today feeling about 75% and I suspect he'll be totally bushed after pick-up so sitting and icing cookies sounds calm yet fun.

At present, I'm enjoyed a hell of a compost salad- how yummy does this look?! - and am meeting a friend for dinner out tonight which will be nice. T and I are very much looking forward to our getaway to Philly this weekend- you know how I feel about the food scene there. Whoa!!